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Extending Wireless and Cellular Coverage
End User Technologies. December 2013


Most users do not hesitate to connect to any available WiFi network from their laptop or mobile device, as long as they get a strong signal that is not password-protected. However, it increases the chances of your account being hacked if you connect to an unknown and untrusted WiFi hotspot.

If you are not getting a good WiFi signal from your router or a good cellular signal (3G, 4G, LTE, etc) from your carrier, there are several options available to improve your signal strength and coverage within your office.


The most effective way to extend wireless coverage in your small or medium-sized office is to install wireless access points (WAPs) in the areas that have poor or no WiFi coverage. If the access points are not properly configured and secured, adding a WAP may actually make your network less secure. This is because WAPs provide multiple entry points for strangers to get in to your network and a breach on any one of them will compromise the security of your network.

Using a WiFi signal booster instead of a WAP may also improve the WiFi coverage in some situations, but it not a preferred method as it relies on an existing WiFi signal that may not be reliable to begin with.


Similar to installing WAPs for WiFi, you can add micro-cell station devices (low power cellular base stations) that provide alternate cellular services in the areas of the office that have poor or no cellular service. The cellular service from the micro-cell can get routed through your exiisting network router.


A portable MiFi device provides WiFi service using cellular data services (3G or LTE). If you want to create a personal WiFi hotspot for one or more WiFi devices, you can get a MiFi device from a carrier such as AT&T, Verzion or T-Mobile, with a data plan usually ranging from 2GB to 20GB per month. Such a device is very helpful if you travel frequently and want to have a WiFi connection available for all your devices (laptops, iPhones, iPads, Blackberries) during your trip or commute.

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