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iOS 7: Disabling the annoying new features
End User Technologies. September 2013


iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad has a redesigned user interface, but a lot of users would rather prefer the UI of iOS 6.

Here are some of the iOS 7 settings you need to be aware of and may want to change:


Parallax icons: The icons move slightly as the device moves, giving you a 3D effect (and motion sickness). Turn this effect OFF in Settings, General, Accessibility, Reduce Motion.

Bold Text: Turn the text to bold in Settings, General, Accessibility, Bold Text.

Swipe to delete: Most of us are used to swiping right on an item (such as mail message or an SMS message) to delele it. You cannot do that anymore, but you can swipe left and then delete the item.

Safari menu: Safari menu at the bottom disappears when you scroll through a web page. Scroll up (by swiping down) to make the menu at the bottom reappear.


Useful iPhone Features and Tips

Below are some general tips for iPhone and iPhone Apps. These may work differently depending on your iPhone model, iOS or app version.

Save a map in Google Maps: When you loose your data connection, you may not be able to navigate through Google maps. You can save (cache) a map on your iPhone by typing a special command "OK maps" in the Google maps search bar. The map currently being displayed will be cached, and you will be able to access that map when your phone is offline.

Camera button: Did you know that you can use the Volume up or Volume down button to take a picture? You may want to try it next time you take a picture in horizontal (landscape) mode.

Quick access to fequently used features: You can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal a quick menu of controls and features, including Brightness Control, Volume Control, Flashlight, Bluetooth, etc.

Background apps: Double-click the Home button to see which apps are currently open on your iPhone. To close an app, swipe it up. Click the Home button to return to home screen.

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