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Today most companies overspend on their IT infrastructure. We believe that in this age of technological innovations, from cloud services to consolidated servers and storage, IT costs should be controlled and IT services be focused to deliver to the needs of the business. This is even more important for small to mid-sized firms that do not have a large IT budget at their disposal.

Our IT infrastructure solutions are designed for customers who are interested in driving their IT costs down, while providing the required business needs.


What We Do

CAPITAL specializes in designing and implementing IT infrastructure solutions for small and mid-sized companies in the financial industry. We serve customers in the New York metropolitan area, including New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey. Our primary customers are hedge funds and private equity firms.

CAPITAL acts as your CTO in helping you determine your IT infrastructure services and aligning them with your business needs. We design and implement IT infrastructure solutions, whether they are in your office, in a cloud, or at a co-location facility. We also recommend, design and implement disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. If you already have IT staff that can design and configure your infrastructure, we can act as your technology supplier for hardware and software.

CAPITAL can connect you with IT support service companies that can maintain your infrastructure on an on-going basis.

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CAPITAL has Gold Credibility Review from Dun & Bradstreet.